Anyone looking to level a druid will be told to go wild. But Feral can get very boring very quickly, and it’s not necessarily better than Balance in the hands of a skilled player. This Boomkin leveling spec will cover talents and glyphs that will make you more than a match for any Feral player!

All information updated as of patch 3.3

First, a note: if you don’t feel like kiting Creeper Roots, taking 2/3 Nature’s Focus from Rest to make your Wrath almost shockproof (when Glyphed) can help. Although you will want to go out again after the first levels; it’s your call

5/5 Starlight Wrath – Obviously we need this cast time reduction for our two main damage spells

3/3 Moonglow – Mana is our biggest limiting factor; this helps

2/2 Improved Moonfire: Increased damage and critical on a major spell.

Nature Range 2/2 – More range means less damage taken

3/3 Brambles – A nice upgrade for a variety of skills, including some we don’t have yet

3/3 Celestial Focus: Now you don’t need the Glyph of Rage or Nature’s Focus

2/5 Revenge – not that great now, but we need something to get to the next level, and then it’s very very nice

Insect Swarm 1/1 – A nice new DoT that also reduces damage taken from melee mobs

3/3 Moon Guide – Makes Int much more valuable on gear, increasing damage, crit, and mana pool

3/5 Revenge – More filler (for now)

3/3 Dreamstate: a cure for our greatest weakness, making Int even MORE valuable

2/3 Moonfury – A nice but boring damage buff. But stop, because it’s time to …

Moonkin 1/1 Shape – Our Boomkin Leveling Spec is actually what it claims to be now! A big boost in all areas

3/3 Imp. Moonkin shape: more haste and added value for the spirit; very nice

3/3 Moonfury – End this now

3/3 Owlkin Frenzy – Very impressive for leveling up and pvp alike

5/5 Revenge: Very soon you will see the benefit of taking over other talents.

Typhoon 1/1 – A very nice instant AoE cone that hits and stuns mobs. Even better when we have Starfall

1/1 Force of Nature – Another nice cooldown; denial of damages and threats

3/3 Eclipse – You will really be glad to have Vengeance now! It takes a bit of getting used to, but this makes specifying that much more fun.

3/3 Earth and Moon – Boring compared to Eclipse, but a very good damage buff

2/5 Wrath of Cenarius – This is a very good damage buff that we’ve had to pass up so far.

1/1 Starfall – A completely awesome AoE cooldown. Combine with Typhoon to destroy tons of monsters without worrying about them reaching you.

You may be tempted to take down other Balance talents, and you can, but this Boomkin leveling spec will now move to Restoration talents.

3/3 Nature’s Focus: When You Need Heals, Kickback Can Get You Killed

2/2 Imp. Mark of the Wild – Basic upgrade for everything

2/5 Furor – As valuable as Int is, this is pretty good

3/3 Natural Shapeshifter – Mediocre but necessary for Master

2/2 Master Shapeshifter – a nice damage boost

1/1 Omen of Clarity – Mana Efficiency Talent

5/5 Furor – End this now

You’re almost eighty years old at the moment, so the extra talents hardly matter; grab what you want. In fact, I recommend sticking to a raid or PvP spec at this point, just so you can get used to it. As for the glyphs, these are the ones worth considering:

Anger – Either this or Entangling Roots is mandatory from the start. However, it loses value quite quickly.

Starfall – Your strongest spell, much more often? Very cool.

Starfire: not bad, although in reality you will often find that Moonfire does not need to be extended

Roots that tangle – Very good at first; if you use it wisely best low level glyph

Swarm of insects – If health is not an issue, this will speed things up a bit

The minor glyphs are less important AND simpler; Aquatic shape, spines and rebirth for maximum comfort.