Bringing your elderly relative under your protection and into your home can be much more difficult than you imagined; So think about it before embarking on this gigantic task. It sounds easy enough, just a little extra food to prepare and your loved one will stick to your schedule. Do not be fooled. The elderly may be so dismayed at losing their independence that they may think they can rule the home and dictate what happens and when.

My 99-year-old mother does not like television on; speaking through what is heard, calling it garbage. There is a piece of music that you like, but only when you want it to play. If I go against her wishes, she sits dumb-faced, ruining my enjoyment anyway. Also in her world everything happens instantly when she wants it! If she doesn’t get her way, she creates havoc, but at other times it can be sweetness, joy, and a pleasure to have her around. Anyone who knows her would think she is a sweet old lady. It is true that you often feel a lot of pain. She can’t see to read sew or knitting and the days must be very long and boring but it can be a very difficult companion.

Often times, the elderly are very concerned about going to a nursing home when they can no longer take care of themselves, so it puts a family member in a difficult position, what is the best thing to do? Perhaps the older they are, the scarier a nursing home sounds, while today’s old men seem to be planning ahead.

Having worked in nursing homes, some are very good with dedicated staff, also mobile caregivers, I thought I was well equipped for the task, but there are many situations that I had not foreseen. During brief daily visits to her flat, the incessant talk about everything and nothing was not apparent, besides she is deaf as a stone, I am also deaf, so communication is difficult, I also love the peace and quiet to read, write and do whatever I feel like, hence this new lifestyle is taking some getting used to!

As you can imagine, the isolation of this current situation with the Carona virus and the endless period that stretches forward relentlessly is overwhelming. I used to have 2 hours a week of reimbursement. Mom also looked forward to her trips and visits to the hairdresser.

Well, there are many people worse off than me, and many sick people die in the hospital; while I had a mild dose of the virus and my mother was completely free, which was a miracle since I was taking care of her during the infection.

Thinking of caretakers everywhere and the sick and lonely, may this miserable virus soon be under control.