The decision is power in whatever you decide to do, and there will appear to be far more failures than successes in the final process of achieving success. I recently read a book by a lady named Gull Khan on money and investing, very basic, very logical. As long as you have the mindset to invest and move through any obstacle with patience, understanding and tolerance, you will eventually succeed, but if you depend on luck and quit after the first setback for fear of losing everything, that is a genuine failure. .

In fact, I may not exactly be an expert on this topic or even do too much of this – I can say this honestly, however when I consider genuine success and failure, the ultimate comfort and guarantee of a good future is a mentality with patience, understanding and tolerance not to depend on luck, especially “permanent good luck” or the fear of temporary bad luck.

Also, I consider the first item of PUT to be the maximum ability first anyway. Why do you think I put it first in the triangle of patience, understanding, and tolerance? Not just saying the letters PUT in that order, because the patience to deal with it everybody it must be included in the reality of true total success. The permanent loss is due to a lack of the above qualities, not any actual physical setback. Oh, they may seem like a factor, but face it, it’s mostly mindset and understanding of the rhythms of reality that count for everything.

As hockey great Wayne Douglas Gretsky once said: “I’m not a high gambler, but you lose 100 percent of the shots you don’t make.” That’s what I understand, there is always success, failure, opportunity, and missed opportunity, but the decision is King, Queen, and all when it comes to getting what you need and want (in that order) done.

So, make the bed, make up your mind to finally succeed even through temporary trials and tribulations. I made that decision long ago on my own, working with the rhythms of life to finally succeed instead of relying on luck. The full understanding of life and how it works the opportunity really does get it for you and it doesn’t just bring it to you, because it is genuinely in line with reality, no matter how many times it seems to fail and how many ways you find not to put in the effort. Reality boils down to our main mindset, just like we have to get out of bed and fix it, or leave the bed a mess. Get well and everything else will follow realistically.