Hard Winner Frustration!

It can be frustrating to realize you’re a hard-working weight gainer, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time exercising and not showing any results. If you have a hard time gaining weight, following any exercise routine may not be effective for you. You need a weight gain exercise routine that is specifically targeted at your precise body type and requirements. In order to gain muscle mass, you have to work hard and push your body to accept the changes you plan to adopt.

The Killer Hardgainer Workout!

Deadlift can work wonders when it comes to gaining muscle for a hardgainer. Why deadlift? This question is like asking why breathe for hardgainers. Deadlift is a full body exercise and is very effective in increasing muscle mass. There is no other exercise or lift that will allow you to lift hundreds of pounds of weight with your bare hands. The deadlift is truly magical in that you don’t feel the same amount of joy or confidence doing more difficult training routines than the deadlift. There are simply endless reasons why people want to deadlift so badly today.

Hardgainer Warm Up!

Before you start your real weight gain workout routine, be sure to warm up your body with some light deadlifts and squats. However, be sure not to overdo the warm-up exercise. You need to stay fresh throughout your workout so you don’t burn out or give up too soon—this is even more important if it’s hard to gain weight. Add a little extra weight each time you start the exercise. This is an amazing workout for weight gain, so make sure you’re mentally and physically prepared.

Hardgainer 20 rep deadlift

Your workout should begin with a 20-rep deadlift. So what are these 20-rep deadlifts and how do you perform them? The recipe for a 20-rep deadlift is deceptively simple. Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the program. The 20 rep deadlift will prove to be a very challenging exercise regimen that will always come your way.

  • A deadlift of 20 repetitions should be performed each time.
  • If 20 reps becomes too intense for a typical muscular build, the weight can be adjusted accordingly to 12 to 15 reps to encourage you to complete all 20 reps in one go.
  • Take short breaks and breathe if the routine becomes difficult, but be sure to complete 20 reps before giving up.
  • Try to increase the weight from one training session to the next to increase your resistance and complete all 20 repetitions in one sitting.

Remember, there is no room for cheating, so stick with the routine consistently. Keep your focus on 20 reps so that you’re encouraged enough to stop only when you’re done.

harder breaks

Don’t hesitate to take a break when the exercise routine gets tough. Take a deep breath to refresh and rejuvenate yourself for the next session. Go according to a plan so that you can do up to 20 reps at one time. However, if it becomes too strenuous, don’t do it. You may also decide to add two repetitions to your next weight-gaining workout and continue building up to 20 repetitions of deadlifts in one go. Play it safe and resume your deadlift training with twelve reps.

This is a very difficult exercise routine to gain weight, so adjust your sleep from up to 10 hours a day at first to at least 8 hours a day later. Eat right foods and add protein to your diet. Since this is a deadly exercise routine, make sure you get enough sleep and take care of yourself to fuel your growth.

Ever wonder why most exercise routines don’t help you gain weight? Various exercise routines result in overloading a hardgainer’s nervous system. This ultimately uses up all the regenerative powers of a hardgainer’s body and is therefore ineffective. There is no charm in sticking around even after spending hours doing vigorous exercise routines every day. It is important that you add bulk and muscle just like anyone else. Let your muscles work in a specific routine designed for your body to enjoy more impact and great results.

Last but not least, visit a chiropractor or doctor to make sure your body is ready for such a workout before you start.