Welcome back. Hope you found the Forsaken City Named Fun (Part 1) tutorial helpful. Part 1 of 2 is about the easiest of the named monsters in this area. In part 2 we will go deeper into the dungeon to deal with the toughest mobs in this area. As I mentioned in Part 1, this guide is specifically for player characters who have a pet. However, unlike Part 1, you will not necessarily need to have the “call the servant” spell for the toughest monsters in this area. Ok, let’s pick up where we left off.

Exit the room that connects to the entrance area. You will notice below you, looooong below you, that there is a pool of water. That is where you are heading now. It will be a good idea to have “long breath” as you will be underwater for a while. If you don’t have a “lasting breath” spell or item, you’re in luck! Right next to the area there is a small fountain. Click on the source and you will receive a 30 minute “Long Breathing” benefit. Don’t jump into the middle of the pool below, as there is a nasty one called “Ancient Krangoris” who would be more than happy to kill you real quick if you land on your head. Instead, go to the left side of the ledge and jump to the left side of the pool. If you can’t see the named giant in the middle of the pool, swim just below the waterline and check. If you cannot see it now, then it is not active. This name does not have a placeholder and has a timer of about an hour. Technically, it is possible to kill this monster in one “round” if you are an exceptional player. I’ve done it before, but I’ve also died more times trying to kill him in a “round” than succeeding. Therefore, I am going to explain how to kill this mob with the safest fight of several “rounds”.

My definition of “round” is the time you are actually damaging the monster between the time you keep it rooted and at a safe distance from you and your pet. Make sure to remove any proc buff or damage shields you have on your pet. If you allow these buffs to stay on your pet while he’s fighting the monster, you run the risk of the monster breaking the root by attacking your pet when you finally cast the root to keep the monster at bay. In case you didn’t know, a broken root usually equates to detrimental health effects. And of course it would be wise to have an expert root spell 3 or better to decrease the chance of resistances.

I usually have my “spell kept” window minimized, but for these multi-round fights you will need to open this window so you can see how old your root is before it disappears. For the first round (as conjurer) I cast all my pet’s buffs except “Plane Shift” and then send my pet to face the named one. Once my pet is engaged, I step back a bit so I can place the monster pretty much anywhere I want before reconnecting it to my pet. It only casts spells that deal direct damage or perhaps some damage-over-time spells that have a very short duration on the monster. If you use long duration damage spells, you will again risk breaking the root in the name when you least want the root to break. When your pet begins to take significant damage and is likely to die within the next 5 seconds, root out and while the root gets rid of your pet. If all goes well, the monster will stay where it was (or a few feet closer) and your injured pet will be with you again. The “Ancient Krangoris” has a spell that clouds your vision, so there will be times during this fight where you won’t be able to see the name clearly, but at least you will be able to see it so that you can keep your root on that. Keep the spell root while your pet heals and your pet’s buffs refresh for another round. When your pet and fans have recovered sufficiently, repeat what you did in the first round. After several rounds, the named one will be dead and his loot will be yours.

Next, cast your character invisibility and look for a tunnel under the pool. Swim through the tunnel and it will take you to another room inside the dungeon. Carefully poke your head above the surface of the water and look around you. You will see “Zin’vra, The Portal Keeper” not far from your current position. This name has no placeholder and appears to be on a respawn timer of about an hour. This monster has a ranged hypnotize ability that lasts for a few seconds, so you’ll want the root to launch at the monster with more than a few seconds to spare before the duration of the previous root wears off. The mobs around her are social, so the best way to get only the name out is to increase invisibility and get close enough to her just to get aggro from her. Then go back to the water and fight her there. It’s a pretty close fight, so you’ll have to be prepared. Once you kill this call, a portal will open where it was originally. This portal will lead to Nizara, which is a rather difficult group area.

Once you have sent “Zin’vra, the Guardian of the Portal”, look around the room and you will see two exits. An exit leads back to the main chamber over the water where the “Old Krangoris” was. Let’s take this route first. There will be a small path that leads to the next level. At this point in the named run of this area, you may begin to encounter “a vigilant terracotta bouquets”. These are the only unnamed mobs in this area that can see invisibility. They are a stationary mafia but they can appear in different places in the area. Having one of these mobs see you as you navigate the area can be a very bad thing for you, but very profitable for your local healer. If you see a “Vigilant Terracotta Bouquet”, you should try to pull the invisibility body to a safe place to dispatch it before continuing.

At the top of the path in the next room in front of you, there will be a chance that another will be named. The named mob is “Xoltis the Forgotten” and its place marker is “a forgotten priest”. The mob is directly to the right as you enter the room. It is so close to the near corner of the room that if the name is up and you walk into the room it will disturb you. You’ll want to zoom in slowly to try and get a line of sight in the right corner of the room to target the monster. If it’s up, you can do the trick of pulling the invisibility body to lure the named one halfway over the water to fight there. Again, this will probably be a multi-round fight on a pretty tight and dangerous road, so be prepared. If the name is not above, the invisibility body removal trick will not work. It can be a hassle, but if you want to remove the placeholder, you’ll need to clear a path to it. From here on, the same will apply to the other named mobs and their placeholders. If the name does not appear, you will need to clear a path to reach the placeholders.

After Xoltis or its placeholder is dead, you will notice that there is another path that mirrors the one that appeared a few moments ago. You can slide down the ledge in the room where you killed Xoltis and then jump onto the path below taking minimal fall damage. Directly below the room where Xoltis is there will be another room where you can find “Janaris the Seeker” or her “a thoughtful acolyte” placeholder. Facing the room, the named monster will be near the far side of the room sitting in a circle with other normal mobs. This name used to be immune to immobilization and stun effects, but in recent returns to this area, this no longer appears to be the case. Once again, you can use the body of invisibility to retrieve the name in the relative safety of the path.

After Janaris dies, you can run down the reflected path to the next room. This room is directly above the room that contained “Zin’vra, The Portal Keeper”. Skirt the ledge until you are directly over the narrow path below. Right in front of you will be “Gannos Voidwhisper” or its placeholder “a bewitched investigator”. Also, possibly hiding behind the wall on either side in front of you may be “a vigilant terra cotta bouque”, so be very careful to check these locations before attempting the name. Once you are sure that no terra cotta will interfere with your named murder, then you are free to pull the mob. A somewhat complicated pull will require the use of invisibility to pull the body to the name on the path below you. It will need to be accurate enough to place the name on the path below without falling into the water. Once the name is on the way, proceed with its destruction as you did with all the other named mobs.

At this point, you have cleared the area of ​​most names. Go up the invisibility and go back to the room where “Zin’vra, The Portal Keeper” was and go up the tunnel entrance you passed through earlier. This long winding tunnel will take you to a small room where “The Maniacal Savant” is located. This mob has a placeholder, but I didn’t write it down as he or those named are the only ghosts in the little room. The rest of the mobs are flying books. Sometimes books can be unhealthy. This name uses hypnotize and nuclear weapons with force. Occasionally, when the name mesmerizes you, it will interrupt the encounter and restart. You just have to update your spells and try again. Fortunately, the long winding tunnel is an advantage for you in this fight. When dragging the name between rounds, you will probably want to hide behind a wall to avoid the line of sight with the name.

Once “The Maniacal Savant” is dead, he places the invisibility and enters his room. Walk around the edges of the room and a section of the wall will suddenly pop open revealing a passageway. Go up this passageway and when you reach the top you should realize your location. The upper part of the hallway leads directly to the area in!

It should be noted that there are still some named in the area. In a room that mirrors the one in which you got “Tornuk the War Tired” from the first guide, you will find “Captain Starshroud”. However, this room requires you to break your named circular routine to get there. This name can be rolled invisibly. There is also an epic mob 2 “Empowered Xuun’vok the Death Reveler” at the top of the area. I would recommend not trying to solo this named mob. Finally, there is a section of this area that has monsters that look like mud stains. I have heard that if you are going to destroy all the spots, a name will appear in the middle of the path overlooking the water. However, I haven’t been able to kill all the blobs fast enough on my own before they start to respawn. This concludes the EverQuest 2 Abandoned City Named Tour. I hope you enjoy all the fun this area has to offer. SB