keep it simple

Style your bow style with one or two solid colors to create an incredibly simple bow that can be worn with anything. Basic grosgrain and satin ribbons are available at local craft stores and Wal-Mart. Along with coupons found in the local paper or in store brochures, you can choose from a wide variety of colors for pennies!

Add fancy details

Want a little more style? Try adding embellishments like rhinestone embellishments or decorative ribbons running down the center. Lace borders would be unusually pretty. Painting your initials with vibrant puffy paint or glitter will give your bow a cool three-dimensional effect. Again, these items are commonly found at local stores. So stock up when they’re on sale.

use what you already have

Try looking around the house (or a friend or family member) for old clothes, fabrics, and accessories that can be repurposed as cheap hair bows. Your mom’s old sequined beret from her disco days would make a great competition bow. How about your dad’s satin disco shirt from the ’70s? I could see a new life as a boutique bow for a girl. The old dress from your grandmother’s house could be turned into a unique patterned hair bow that you’d be proud to wear.

Do something wild and unexpected

Outdated wigs and hairpieces can be turned into Lady Gaga hair bows. Check your local beauty, costume and party supply stores for a variety of styles and colors. Be inventive and unique. Maybe there is a use for purple hair that has nothing to do with Halloween.

Add little bits of luxury

Patterned hair bows can be made from thick quarters from the fabric store. You can save tons by buying these small swatches of luxury fabrics.