I highly recommend that you throw a Hawaiian themed party for your friends and family as they are truly amazing. If you live near a beach, that’s the best place to hold it, otherwise your back garden will suffice. Take a look at the following Hawaiian themed party ideas to get inspired to throw a great party.

1. Get creative with your invitations! Send them in Hawaiian cocktail cutouts or surfboards. This will get your guests in the mood and excited for the party at an early stage.

2. Remember to create a Facebook group for your party! You can post updates and remind everyone when the time draws near. A Facebook group will also serve to keep your guests excited and they will be able to see everyone who will be attending. This generally increases support levels!

3. I suggest you set up a central area where all food and drinks are served. You should concentrate most of your theme’s accessories here to create effect. Lean surfboards against the wall and scatter pineapples, coconuts, and seashells around.

4. For food, I suggest you have a large selection of fresh fruit for your guests to make their own fruit skewers. Fill the bowls with kiwi, pineapple, peach, mango, banana and melon. Guess what, have you ever tried grilling a skewer full of fresh fruit? It tastes amazing with fresh cream! You’d also have the usual barbecue food to keep everyone happy!

5. For drinks, I highly recommend hiring a mixologist if you’re on a budget. Watching him create fancy cocktails will be so much fun for your guests! Otherwise, provide directions and the ingredients for favorites like Hawaiian heartthrob and aloha.