Rejection really hurts a lot and no one would know it better than a guy who always suffers from female rejection. If you’re sick and tired of feeling like a loser and no longer want to get stuck in horrible pickup sessions, here are some tricks you can try.

However, you should know that the following tricks have the power to mentally “screw up” a girl, so use them responsibly. Read on to discover the 3 deadly tricks you can use to attract any girl you choose, regardless of your looks or how little money you have.

3 mental seduction tricks to attract the girl of your dreams

Mind trick n. # 1: Appear irresistible and challenging. Be completely unflappable and impervious to any threats the girl may pose. It would be important for the girls to know that you are not an ATM.

In fact, if anyone should buy the drinks, it should be her. Try using your charm to turn it unexpectedly, as well as dazzling smiles and witty phrases. If you really want to surprise a girl, ask her why she thinks she deserves your attention.

Girls tend to be proud of their looks and like to believe that they are the prettiest girls in the area. So if you throw her off her pedestal and make her self-conscious, she’ll end up doing all the work and trying to impress you for a change.

Mind trick n. 2: Look cocky. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should appear arrogant. You really need to combine arrogance with some humor to ensure success with the opposite sex. Girls find humor arousing them enormously and they love outrageous jokes, so be brave and give a girl perfect lines whenever you get the chance.

Keep in mind that arrogance and arrogance are not the same. You don’t want to seem unbearable here! The secret would be to appear confident and arrogant while using humor to “relax.”

(Advanced) Mind Trick No. # 3: use hypnotic dialogues. Fractionation is a trick taken from hypnosis that is now used in the world of seduction. It also happens to be a smart way to get girls to bond with you emotionally in just 15 minutes. Because of this, it would really be worth learning it and becoming a baby magnet in an instant.

Fractionation formula it is a “short cut” to the success of seduction as members of the underground seduction have known it for years. This two-step formula is easy to use, but it has given many normal men tremendous results with the women they like.