Have you ever considered sending a free prank email to friends and family with photos or videos attached? Have you ever seen a policeman or other people beating up a homeless man in the street and felt sick to your stomach from the action? Do you want to anonymously report abuse or corruption by police or other public servants? Are you afraid your identity will be revealed when you report such abuse?

If you have a camera phone, you can report this abuse of power to the authorities and the media. It is much easier to preserve your anonymity when you email such damaging authority images or videos. All you need is a suitable USB cable or flash card reader. If you recorded the videos or images on your cell phone, please extract the recorded video from the camera and put it on your computer. Then send anonymous email with harmful images or videos via anonymous email. Anonymous email sender or forwarder is where the final recipient receives an email that removes all traces that trace back to the original sender. Remailers do not know where the message came from. Only the content is what the recipient receives.

When reporting abuse or illegal activities by police or authorities, you, as a reporter, should use common sense precautions to remove suspicious behavior from your ongoing video recordings or images. As a reporter of illegal or abusive behavior, it is important to keep your safety first. It is imperative that you maintain a safe distance to avoid generating any suspicion that could lead to retaliation.

Report using the following service to submit crime tips to law enforcement or report wrongdoing such as workplace theft, or report legal and confidential information to the media.