Scientists have recently invested millions of dollars in research and their findings have been published stating that 100% of all drunk dials are caused by alcohol. A cell phone breathalyzer hasn’t been invented yet, so use these tips to avoid calling your ex.

Step 1: use phone restrictions: Some phones have applications available that prevent you from calling numbers after a certain time at night. If you find that you only call your ex between the hours from the bar to bedtime, apply those restrictions.

Step 2: delete your number: Many people don’t even remember their own number, so if you close your eyes and erase your ex’s number from your phone without looking, you’ll make it much more difficult to try to reach them.

Step 3: leave your phone at home: If you want to go out into town, try leaving your phone at home. This can be difficult, especially if you are waiting for a new adventure to call, but it is a sure way to avoid calling your ex … at least from your phone.

Step 4: Give yourself a call limit: Call them, but give yourself a limit and do it when you are sober. If you have a quick 5 minute chat before beer pong night, you will have less reason to call and insult them that night.

Step 5: Look to the future: Waking up hungover and then verifying that you had a 25 minute conversation with your ex is a worse feeling than finding those 4 forgotten ATM receipts. You don’t need a Delorian to look ahead the night before and remember how bad you’ll feel tomorrow … and it has nothing to do with alcohol.

Step 6: don’t drink The best way to avoid calling an ex is to stay clear and focused. This might mean staying out of the Zima on a Saturday night, but it’ll be a great way to be a designated driver for your friends, keeping them safe and out of the horn with your stubborn exes, too.

Step 7: use the Buddy system: Now your friends owe you one and the next time you go out to party, have your designated driver also serve as your designated marker. Make sure they accept all your calls and always remember to practice safe texting.