“I slept with him and now he’s ignoring me,” the woman said in sorrow and confusion. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone explained to us why men chase us like crazy and once we share intimacy, they disappear from the face of the earth? It happened to you, right? You like it a lot. Having sex seemed like a great idea, so you did it and then ran for the hills as fast as you could. She’s tried to get in touch with him, but he’s full of ready-made excuses as to why she can’t see him again. You’re downcast because you thought he promised you. You expected and wanted a real relationship with him. If you’re living in this situation right now, don’t be too quick to throw in the towel and write him out of your life.

Before you can work on reconnecting with him, you need to face the reality that intimacy changed things dramatically. Many women in his position try to explain the man’s behavior by thinking that he was too busy after making love or that he is so overwhelmed with desire that he has to step back to catch his breath. Neither of these is the case at all. He now he is ignoring you because he feels uncomfortable. It is very likely that he realized that you were intimate with him too early in the relationship and that turned him off.

It is often difficult for a woman to understand this type of reaction from a man. After all, he was the one who chased after you before you two slept together, right? So how could you find it unattractive once you did? Easy. In his mind, if you get intimate with him that quickly, you’re doing the same with every other man you’ve ever dated.

It’s definitely possible to go from that mindset to being attracted to yourself again. However, it is up to you to make it happen. You have to regain their interest. That may seem too challenging given the fact that he’s ignoring you, but there are definite ways.

Start by calling him and leaving him a voice message. Keep it short and sweet and simply say that you would really enjoy meeting up for coffee or lunch. Don’t sound desperate. A lot of self-confidence is the key.

If he doesn’t call back, text him the same message. If he’s still interested, he’ll reply. Meet with him and keep things very light. Talk about general topics like the weather or what’s happening in the news. Ask him about his work. Smile and laugh. Let him see that you are able to keep your head up and move on after your blunder.

Keep all your future meetings carefree and innocent. If he begins to see all the other aspects of your personality shining through, he will surely find you intriguing again. Once enough time has passed and you feel there is a strong intellectual connection there, he reintroduces sex into the relationship.