After living a life that is anything but fulfilling for several years, someone might come to the conclusion that they need to do something about it. Maybe something you’ve seen on TV or read online played into this.

For quite some time, they may have had a feeling that something needs to be done, and after finding something, it allowed them to make the first move. Now, if you were to think about what you need to change, at least one area of ​​your life might come to mind.

the main

They might think about how their view of themselves is not very helpful or empowering, this being something that is holding them back. If they were to reflect on how long they have seen themselves negatively, they might see that they have more or less always seen themselves this way.

So, by communicating, they might come to the conclusion that they need to find out what it is that they believe. The reason for this is that they may have been told that the problem is their irrational beliefs.


After this one might end up making a list of what their irrational beliefs are. If this were to happen, they might find that they have some, if not all, of the following:

• They think they are worthless
• They believe that they are not enough
• They believe they are worthy
• They think they are nothing
• They believe they are defective
• They think they are unpleasant

draw the line

Each of these beliefs will have no basis in reality, which is why they will be seen as ‘irrational’. With this in mind, the next stage will be for you to eliminate these beliefs and replace them with rational beliefs.

There is a chance that one has also learned that their beliefs will play a role in the thoughts they have. Therefore, changing these beliefs will not only allow you to see yourself differently, but it will also allow you to experience different thoughts.

One option

When it comes to eliminating these beliefs, they will have already taken the first step, this will have been done when they are clear about what some of their irrational beliefs were. The second step will be for them to talk to themselves in a more positive way.

By consciously changing your internal dialogue and behaving differently, you will gradually be able to supplant these old beliefs. This, of course, will not happen overnight; It will require patience and persistence.
The cause

As to why they would have these irrational beliefs, it could be said to be a result of what they have experienced as adults and what happened during their early years. Still, what happened will be over and there will be no need for them to focus on the past.
If they were to focus on the past, they would simply be wasting their precious time and energy. Focusing on what happened could also end up putting them in a negative state, which is not going to serve them well.

a temporary solution

Simply changing your beliefs can allow you to gradually change your life; on the other hand, it may only work for a short time, or it may not work at all. If it works, it may only work because this approach will allow you to change what is happening on a mental level, suppressing how you actually feel in the process.

This can be hard for someone to accept, especially if they have come to believe that their thoughts create their feelings. As widespread as this opinion is, it is only a half-truth.

Going deeper, much deeper

With this in mind, what if there was a time when these beliefs were a true reflection of how they were being treated? This would mean that although they are now irrational, there was a time when they were rational.

Along with the conclusions her mind made would have been how they felt. The beliefs that they carry will be one part, the other part will be all the ‘negative’ feelings that they carry.

Way back

There is a strong possibility that this is related to what happened when they were very young. Therefore, this would have likely been a stage in their life where their thinking brain was in an underdeveloped state and they were completely in touch with their emotional self.

In other words, this stage of his life would have had a massive effect on his body/emotional self. As adults, they, along with many of their peers, may see themselves as having a physical body and a mental self, but they will also have an emotional body/self, and this part, a part that is much stronger than their self. mentally, it will continue to affect how they view themselves and their lives.

getting to the root

The emotional pain that they carry from this stage of their life must be faced and worked on. Through grieving their unmet childhood needs, they are likely to find that their ‘irrational’ beliefs begin to fade.

Another way of looking at this would be to say that you will get in touch with what is going on in your unconscious mind. This will allow you to deal with your problems at the root instead of trying to change the effects of what is held in this part of your being.


If you can relate to this and are ready to change your life, you may need to seek outside support. This is something that can be provided with the help of a therapist or healer.