Shar-Pei are a large breed of dog that originally descended from China. Although they were almost extinct, they have returned since the early 1900s. They are now a favorite among families who want a quiet, reserved dog that remains a good guardian.

However, before considering investing in a Shar-Pei to be a part of your family, here are seven facts to consider about this beautiful, wrinkled dog.

They are not overly affectionate

If you are the type of family that loves a demonstrative dog that gives a lot of kisses, then this breed is not for you. The dog is loyal and devoted to families, but they are also independent, calm, and sometimes even distant.

They don’t trust strangers

These dogs do not trust strangers, be they animals or humans. While they are a bit more aggressive towards strange dogs, they can also attack other animals, including cats, that may roam their territory. Shar-Pei puppies must be fully socialized with different types of people before being sold or adopted.

Your wrinkles can lead to skin infections

Shar-Pei wrinkles are a big part of its personality, but they need to be kept clean. Wrinkles trap dirt and oils from the skin that can cause infections. You should make sure to clean wrinkles by cleaning them at least a couple of times a month to prevent this from happening.

They are naturally clean dogs

This breed can be stubborn in most training areas, but you can easily tame it. They take care of their own grooming and are not as prone to wallowing in the dirt as other breeds.

They can overheat

Shar-Pei’s flat faces make them more prone to overheating. Watch for any signs of dehydration or heat prostration, such as panting, spasms, or loss of consciousness. Make sure you always have fresh water available for your dog.

They are not suitable for living outdoors

Despite their size, Shar-Pei are not suitable for living alone in the backyard. If left completely alone, they can become moody and aggressive, even towards family members. Although they are quite independent, they still love and enjoy human company.

They are prone to ear infections

Shar-Pei have tiny ear canals that keep them moist, which can lead to ear infections. You can often identify infections due to their yeast smell.

In conclusion, those are the things you need to know about Shar-Pei. You need to consider each and every factor before getting one.