When I found my coach, it happened in a minute. I had surfed the website of various coaches for a few years and never felt like making the commitment to work with a coach. It always seemed like too expensive and too big a part of my monthly budget. I had spent thousands of dollars on different courses and felt it was justified, but paying a life coach regularly … no.

Then I came to a space where I suddenly picked up the phone, called a coach and said “Yes, I want to work with you.” Come to think of it, I never read the articles on the coach’s website. Something just drew me to her.

It was the energy that drew me to her. I had reached an energetic vibration where I was open and allowed a coach to come in and work with me. He was energetically available to work with a coach, and not just any coach, but with that specific coach. It drew me like a magnet.

Then I realized that I was in a space of availability and that that space of availability was essential for any ‘goodness’ to enter.

In the Law of Attraction, a lot of importance is given to ‘Allowing’, which is the state in which a person asks for something and knows that it will enter and in this knowledge, it also allows it to enter.

For example, if you ask the Universe to get you a specific type of car, the Universe will please you. But you have to be in space to allow that car to enter. Worrying about making your payments will just put up a big lock, preventing you from getting that car. You have to know that you can pay for it, and that will create a space of tolerance for the car to come.

Fear is the biggest obstacle to the Law of Attraction working for you. The notion of the impossibility of things happening keeps things away from you. Availability creates a state of tolerance that then allows the energy of whatever you have asked for into your life.

Try this on small things and then proceed to bigger and seemingly harder things to accomplish.

For example, order a good pair of shoes (knowing all the time that it is within your budget). Since this pair of shoes is already within your budget, there will be no resistance. And when the Universe tries to give it to you, you will be receiving it with joy.

Next, test your availability status with something a little out of your budget, and you’ll soon see that you can expand your mind to allow for more and more. And one day you may even ask that the seas part for you, and if your mind believes it, it can happen.

Of course, knowing the metaphysics of things also puts us in a place of responsibility, otherwise the lack of responsibility comes back to bite us. Wishing is great, but wishes should be in the natural order of what you will need for the next stage of life. You rule your desires; desires do not rule you.