What is everyone’s favorite dream of gaining wealth? It just has to be:


The chances of winning are actually very small, like one in millions. But someone has to do it, and we always want that person to be me. What makes people happy while waiting is at least picking up prizes from a lower division, and daydreaming about next time because it’s time, we’ll get the big one. A lower division at least plays for the next week or a few weeks if you reinvest the funds, which most people do.

Selecting numbers is something that is a personal preference. A very popular way is to combine family birthdays alone or combined with phone numbers, house numbers both past and present.

Taking an ‘Easy Pick’, letting the computer randomly select the number for you, and it’s amazing how much First Division is actually won this way.

The most effective way is to be consistent and select the same numbers every week. On the basis that they have to arise at some point, even if it is years. The great advantage of this method is that, although you may not win the best, you usually get quite a few lower divisions along the way, which supplements the funds and maintains the hope that your turn for the big one is just around the corner. the corner.

So until your numbers roll in, keep dreaming about the house you’re going to buy, the new car you want to show off to your friends and colleagues, the vacation you haven’t had in years, and what could be better than sailing, especially around the world. in the QE2.