Explosive power is a staple of the elite MMA athlete. All the best fighters have incredible explosive power and stamina. This gives the fighter a definite advantage over his competition because conditioning is a often neglected or poorly executed part of training camp.

To have fantastic conditioning, you’ll need to work on explosive lifts. These will increase your core strength and train your muscles to work together for the best results. For wrestling and boxing, you’ll want explosive power in your legs and hips. The hips are also important for grip on the ground, but you’ll also want to focus a lot on your shoulders. This will allow you to control your opponent’s limbs more effectively.

To train these muscle groups, you’ll need to know what exercises to do. Here is a list and explanation of what each lift is and how it will benefit you. If you’re having trouble visualizing any of the lifts, Google an example or ask someone at your gym for help.

Power Straight – Grab the bar with an overhand grip and let yourself hang. Then you execute a pull-up, where at the apex you bring your knees up and lean over the bar. Your elbows should now be on the bar, so you can straighten your knees and extend your arms to push yourself up. All of this should be done in one fluid motion. This elevator will force you to explode twice, making it incredibly difficult. This move will work your entire body, though the focus is on your shoulders, lats, and hips.

Hanging Clean: Grab the bar with an overhand grip, knees slightly bent, and lean over the bar with your lower back arched. At the beginning of the lift, explode your feet into a jump and shrug your shoulders as you raise the bar. Turn your elbows out while keeping your center of gravity under the bar. When you stop the bar on your shoulders, squat down, then explode. Again, this should be one fluid motion. This will work your shoulders, glutes, thighs, and abs. This is a very strenuous exercise and you will build great stamina.

High Pull: Lean over the bar into a squat position, arms pointing downward with an overhand grip of the bar. Then explode up through your hips and knees, pulling up on the bar as you do so. As the bar rises, continue to explode into a jump then pull your elbows out to the sides as an upright row to bring the bar to your neck. This lift, like the others, is extremely tiring and you will build great stamina. You’ll put a lot of stress on your glutes and hamstrings, thighs, shoulders, and traps.

To get the most out of your MMA conditioning training, you’ll need to master these lifts and many others. Two-phase drills where you have to explode twice will put the most stress on your body and better prepare you for long, hard fights.