Fiat Auto Argentina launched the new Fiat Idea. The new exterior design gives a car a strong personality, much more modern, dynamic and elegant. It has a new hood, grill and bumper. The hood became more refined, with well-defined curves and flat creases. The bumper is more enveloping and robust and, at the same time, the grille is refined. What is most striking are the new parabolic-elliptical poly double headlights that provide better light distribution and excellent uniformity, with a 25% increase in brightness. They are now larger and more angled, similar in shape to a triangle with rounded corners bent. Big changes are also verified in the rear. The tailgate – with integrated spoiler – and the rear glass are new and fit perfectly with the identity of the model, dynamic lines and better defined surfaces. The rear bumper, which bears the vehicle’s patent seal, follows the shape of the front bumper and in harmony with its lines, gives the Idea strength and modernity.

An important novelty are the rear lights that incorporate innovative technology: the LED lighting system and light guides. It is the first time that a model in the segment incorporates this type of lights. Also innovative is the aesthetic finish of the rear light, masked in opaque material. The LEDs installed in the optics produce a distinctive visual effect when the car’s position lamps and light guides are turned on. On the sides are many new front fenders and chrome trim, depending on the version. A nice touch that helps define the harmonic levels of the vehicle.

The exterior mirrors are larger, improving visibility and providing safety. The light-alloy wheels, cup wheel and door handles are also new. The new sports version, like the Adventure version, gained exclusive details. For the Sporting he created a set of stylistic elements, with a more seductive and sporty air. Includes side skirts, front spoilers and rear spoiler and exclusively designed wheels, as well as headlights and taillight with black shield. The Adventure version, for its part, has specific bumpers and lights and side fenders, which gives it a robust character, appropriate to its use profile. The spare tire is exposed, covered and protected by a shield that was developed for this new idea.


The interior was also renovated. The front seats are now more enveloping, giving the driver a better driving position. The upholstery of the seats can be made of leather, bringing a central armrest, in addition to adding a small table behind the passenger seat. The seats also gained new differentiated fabrics for each version and the adoption of “embossed” technology, which applies shapes and design in relief, makes it even richer. The steering wheel is also new. Its modern design with a touch of sportiness provides both driving comfort and a visually pleasing image.

Functionality is another important aspect of the luggage rack. Slides prepared in strategic places cleverly take advantage of the internal space. The roof console with four runners stands out and look at the rear seat mirror, a unique element in the segment, standard on all versions. The Attractivo and Essence versions of the new Fiat Idea have a dashboard with white lighting. Modern and easy to read, it comes with a speedometer, tachometer, gradual fuel level and water temperature markers, and a display with a clock, odometer, on-board computer, and My Because Fiat.

Optionally, the Essence versions can be equipped with a more complete instrument panel, which brings information from the level B on-board computer, radio, calendar and outside temperature. For the Fiat Idea Sporting, a unique dashboard with white light and “Sporting” license plate was created, displaying a complete set of information: speedometer, tachometer, gradual gauges for fuel level and water temperature, dash computers A and B, odometer, clock, radio, calendar and outside temperature display. The Adventure version also has a distinctive instrument panel with exclusive serigraphy and carries the same information as the Fiat Idea Sporting panel.