Do you think online dating is only for the young and the dumb? No

certain! Many men and women of all ages are finding the love of their

life through online dating I did it so you can too.

Oh no, single again!

When I separated from husband number three, I was 47 years old and

very afraid that she would never find a good man to love. i read all those

stories about how a woman over 40 is more likely to be hit by

lightning to marry again. It’s all nonsense. Your life is

determined by the state of your consciousness.

When you finish an unhappy chapter of your life, it means that you have

some soul searching and spiritual work to do. If you are willing

to do the work required to heal your emotional wounds and resentments,

you can write a new chapter with a very different ending. I went through

a real “Dark Night of the Soul” after my third divorce, but I had such a

a big, stubborn ego that the only way he was going to learn the lessons he

I needed to learn was to be completely humble.

I didn’t really find my own spiritual truth until I lost everything else. I take

some time, but finally I changed my life completely

all fronts: health, finances, work and relationships.

As you get older, it becomes more difficult to meet eligible men. Plus

and more people of all ages are using online dating to find their

someone special. My story should give you a lot of confidence that you

you can meet the right man for you, no matter your age or

geographic location. When you have trouble meeting the requirements

prospects in more conventional ways Online dating is certainly worth it


If anyone had a good reason to complain about how hard it was to deliver

a good man, it was me. He was over 50 years old, he lived on a very small mountain.

city ​​where most people in my age group were married couples. Is a

community of trucks and blue jeans. The local joke is: “If you find

a guy in Big Bear who’s still single, in recovery, or on parole.”

In nearly three years of living there, I’ve met a few single men, but none

who wanted out.

find my soul mate

Two weeks after moving into the new house I bought, I met my soul

companion. It all started several months earlier, when a woman I knew

showed up at church on a sunday looking good, well dressed

piggyback boy With a sports jacket and pants, not blue jeans, wow!

“He’s not from around here, is he?” I asked him, “Where did you meet him?”

“In Internet!” She answered.

“Are you serious?” I gasped! He told me there were a lot of nice men in

our age group using online dating sites and encouraged me to try

the one they put

I put my profile and photo on the website you recommended.

and a whole new world opened up to me. Quite a few men contacted

me, and this gave me the opportunity to practice and hone my skills in

determine if it was really worth the time and trouble

Meet in person.

I was very specific about my basis

requirements on my profile and I was surprised to see how many guys

they seemed to simply ignore what they were reading. I said I didn’t want a long

distance relationship. You must live close enough geographically so that we can

they could see each other at least twice a week. I received emails from New

York, Fla., Texas. I flatly said “non-smokers”. Then I would find out in a

telephone conversation that the guy smoked! What were they thinking?

Didn’t they know how to read?

I met several good men and went out with them for a period of weeks or

months, but no one really clicked with me. That was good. It was fun

checking the website to see who contacted me, then typing and

talking to many different men. Sure, some were losers or idiots, but most

They were just decent guys who wanted to meet their special woman.

and fall in love

The whole experience restored my faith in the male of the species. I saw

that most men want someone to love as much as we do

women do. They touched my heart and strengthened my resolve to continue

Faith. I believed with all my heart that my soulmate was out there

looking for me and loving me as much as I loved him.

I read some of the success stories posted on the site and noticed that in

In many cases, the woman had made the initial contact. he fed me

the confidence to attempt my own search instead of just answering those

who contacted me. I was wondering if there might be someone interesting

lived anywhere nearby. My search turned up dozens of men who lived

within an hour by car.

Something immediately drew me to Stephen’s profile. He lived

in a nearby town right at the foot of the mountain. his face was blurry

in her photo, but she was wearing a tank top, which revealed

his muscular arms. I’m a sucker for a great pair of biceps,

so I contacted him by email. On his online dating profile he said he liked

to write poetry, so in the subject line I wrote: “Your muse awaits you.”

He was intrigued by my message. I wasn’t quite sure what a muse

was and I had to look it up in the dictionary. (A muse is someone who is

an inspiration for an artist, especially a poet). Later he told me that my

an intelligent and romantic line made his day.

We wrote to each other several times and then talked on the phone for

several weeks. He sounded pretty casual on the phone and I wasn’t

I sure wanted to meet him. However, he was persistent and

convinced me to meet him at a coffee shop called Grounds for

Enjoyment. Little did he know how prophetic it would turn out to be!

He still didn’t know what his face looked like. Oh but there was no mistake

on those biceps! I assumed that his appearance would be nothing special.

because of the blurry photo. I kept my expectations low and my mind

open, so I wouldn’t be disappointed, no matter what.

The first meeting

He was waiting outside when he pulled up in his purple Explorer. He got

he came out and walked towards me and my heart almost stopped! He was tall,

slim and very handsome, half Italian with dark hair and

eyes, aquiline nose and strong jaw. wore a black

leather jacket that immediately reminded me of my old high school

swains in New Jersey.

We greeted each other and then, impulsively, he gave me a hug. caught me

guard, but I liked it, and it was good for me to do it.

We hit it off right away. We talked for hours that first night.

Before returning to the mountain, I told him that it felt like family.

me. It reminded me a lot of my Eastern Italian family. being with

he was easy and comfortable.

We dated, got engaged, and then got married a year and three months later.

Online dating worked for me better than I could have dreamed of!

If I hadn’t done all that spiritual work before I met him, none of

this would have come to be. He is so grateful to have a woman in his life.

who enjoys being in charge. And I’m so thankful to have a man in me

life that accepts me and loves me as I am. we have been together five years

Now and every day I am grateful to have a man as good as me.

partner in life.

Great relationships are created through your awareness (as is

everything else in your life). That’s what I know to be true through me

personal experience. A great love is possible for each of us, so

do not give up! Online dating could be the perfect way to meet

your soul mate as it was for me.