You may have noticed something strange on the latest smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. The biggest change is that the familiar rectangular USB Type-A ports are missing, and now there are small oblong connectors. This welcomes you to the world of the USB-C era of enterprise computing.

While most flagship iPads and iPhones come with Apple’s more proprietary Lightning connector, USB-C has now become an integral part of most devices like MacBooks, phones, tablets, and many more. Let’s take a look at the concept of USB-C before discussing why it’s a must for a new MacBook.

Redefining speed – USB-C

USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, is a completely new connector for transferring data as well as power to and from computing devices. The connector plug is symmetrical and therefore one can insert it either way. This feature alone makes it the biggest hit among users, but at the same time, it also has many other new technologies.

Let’s now dive into the reasons!

• Relatively small and compact

The availability of USB Type-C is a new connector standard that is relatively small. Best of all, this latest device is supposed to be one-third the height and half the width of any standard USB Type-A connector. USB-C for MacBooks is actually one of the better options as it is a small single connector and users can use it on any device.

• Terribly fast

MacBook Pro ports are really fast. The revolutionary ports are capable of transmitting data using the super-fast USB protocol speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. On the other hand, using USB-C with integrated Thunderbolt 3 compatible peripherals will allow users to enjoy blazing speeds of up to 40 Gbps.

• MacBook works like a battery

Users of the new MacBook series can use USB-C to power the battery of another computer that has USB Type-C arrangements. The good thing is that one can turn on and use a peripheral hard drive even without connecting the external drive to power. What’s more, the Touch Bar-equipped Mac can charge two separate devices using up to 15 watts of power and two more devices drawing 7.5 watts.

• Not just cables, more than that

This is something worth considering. USB Type-C cables are smart. They (Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter) have their own RM, processor, GPU built into it. Now, this sophistication suggests users can do it faster while keeping cables safe.

So from the discussion above, you have to be willing to have USB-C for MacBooks to take full advantage of it and stay one step ahead. Be sure to contact a professional service provider to get your hands on the same.