I did not expect to return. His foray into the unknown was to be a lifelong quest. She had never felt more alive than those first few days beyond the confines of her parents’ rule, yet here she was staring at the door that led to the faces she adored and never wanted to see again. His fear gave way to common sense when he knocked on the heavy oak door.

Dear old Clarence opened the door and was approached by the breeze as it passed. He walked into the living room and inhaled the smoke from the pipe that he knew he would find. His father was sitting reading one of the classics, his glasses placed precariously at the end of his long nose. Mom sat twisting a strange piece of cloth until she noticed Fiona standing in the glow; the firelight dancing in her eyes. His daughter was finally home, and the joy was profound at that moment.

Years pass and Fiona’s children gather at her meeting place by the fire, then she returns for a final conversation with Mom and Dad. Eventually, the house is abandoned and the memories of the glory of the fireside chats perish with Fiona and her children.

The history of Victorian fireplaces is different and yet often unknown. A new generation is discovering the wonder and wonder of a reclaimed and restored Victorian kitchen nook. Broad and bold art defines the sense of style and the wonder one feels when observing each masterful line.

For a touch of old world style and charm, Victorian fireplaces are becoming a perfect accent to modern home design. Some will see the addition of a bit of reclaimed history as a means of increasing the value of their home, while others will revel in the glow of a fireplace that has a sense of presence that allows them to imagine those who once beheld the dance. . fires.

The joy one feels in bringing new life to a vintage Victorian fireplace is hard to describe, but there is no denying it. Away from the noise of television and traffic, a cup of hot tea nearby and a good book contribute to a greater sense of well-being.

Beauty is simply unmatched in modern architectural design and a Victorian fireplace stands as a testament to your own sense of style and taste. Despite the compliments you may receive, the fireplace simply makes you understand that you are finally home.

No matter where you go or what you do, there is joy in coming home and there is joy in sharing the fire with the memory of those who once enjoyed its warmth.

The market for restored Victorian fireplaces is growing. The work of recovering and restoring becomes a labor of love for those who realize the importance of preserving a piece of history that can also be given new life in a new home where memories will be forged in a new fire. The centerpiece of a home becomes the focal point of the story, as a Victorian fireplace sparks conversations about the past and a passion for the present.

The past may be unknown, but the future belongs to the memories of the present. A Victorian fireplace can be a catalyst to set the stage for homebound memories for this generation and those to come.