An online directory collects vital contact details for a variety of businesses and displays them on industry-specific lists. This allows anyone looking for a service like a plumber in Sydney to access this directory and choose from any number of plumbers in their chosen search area. Alternatively, they are also a good resource for accessing a business’s contact details if you know the name of the business. Often times when a business name is typed into a search engine such as Google, the first mention of that business will be an online directory.

So what is an ‘Online Business Directory’?
A business directory is a website or print media list of information that lists all businesses within some category. Companies can be classified by company, location, activity, or size. Businesses can be compiled manually or through automated online search software. Wikipedia.

Adding a business to an online business directory is now an essential way to create new business for any business. In today’s modern world, the public generally turns to the Internet to locate a particular service, the number of people using a local home business number book is rapidly decreasing.

With this growing popularity of online directories, the ease of use and convenience of accessing relevant information is improving every year. The internet is getting faster, functionality is improving, and instead of having to spend 15 minutes searching for a merchant in Sydney, any service provider in any city can be found in just moments. The directory can search all of your listings and provide the precise details required such as web address, contact number, contact name, and often email address.

With this growing trend and popularity of the online business directory, the options are improving. It is worth registering a business in Australia’s non-specific free directories such as hot frog; however, industry-specific directories are often used by the public, which are often a great resource as they only contain companies relevant to a particular search. Traders such as handymen, plumbers, and builders often do not have their own websites and benefit greatly from these directories.

Lastly, using the thousands of directories available online is a great way to get free one-way links to your website. Many of these directories are well designed and highly Google compliant with high PR ranking (Google page ranking). These directories can be a great way to improve your company’s presence on the web. Using a business directory allows you to let someone else optimize your website; all you have to do is add your company to the directory.

Add your business now to an industry-relevant online directory and see your sales grow in the coming months. Since your business is easily found on the web, it is becoming easier for all those important customers to find you.