The Game of Life is a popular game played in many homes. There are many settings and other details about the game that make it more complex than most board games. However, it is a wonderful board game for children to play because of the many things it can teach them. This article will discuss some of those things.

#1: Teach kids about insurance

Anyone who has played Life knows that it eventually gets to the point where you can buy a house. One of the important decisions that the player must make is whether to buy insurance. While the player has the choice not to buy insurance, this can be very detrimental if he lands on a space where his house or car is somehow destroyed. Since they didn’t buy insurance, it ends up hurting them financially and can cost them a lot of the game.

Similarly, children begin to understand the importance of insurance and how crucial it is to have insurance because of the possibility that something could happen. They learn that home insurance, health insurance, and other forms of insurance are important because they protect the family in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, this board game is a great way for children to start learning about insurance.

#2: Children also begin to learn about notes, loans and stocks

As anyone who has played Life knows, you can buy stocks, take out loans and promissory notes. These are definitely good terms for young children to learn as they become crucial in adulthood. For example, if a player decides to start college instead of going straight to work, he must borrow $40,000 from the bank and pay it back over the course of the game.

Of course, notes, loans, and shares work differently in this game than they do in real life, but kids are exposed to the terms and may develop a greater curiosity about them. They may decide to research these terms or ask their parents about them. This will help the child a lot in her later life.