As 16 seniors left Spartan Stadium in East Lansing on Saturday after their ninth win of the year against Purdue, their greatest legacy will be that they were the class that broke the curse: Michigan’s dreaded state curse of fast start and fast finish. wrong.

Before Mark Dantonio became coach last season, former coach John L. Smith started the previous 4 seasons 18-4 and finished 4-22. In 2003, it was a 7-1 start and a 1-3 finish. In 2004 it was a 4-3 start and a 1-5 finish. In 2005 it was a 4-0 start and a 1-6 finish. In 2006 it was a 3-0 start and a 1-8 finish. That is what is called a curse.

Mark Dantonio started last season 2-4 and finished 5-2. The Spartans went 7-6 and ended in a bowl game. After beating Purdue 21-7 at home on Saturday (8-11-08), the Spartans are 9-2. Michigan State lost its first game in California, had 6 wins in a row, took a beating from Ohio State 45-7, but bounced back with another 3 wins in a row.

The curse has officially ended. Dantonio has changed the culture at Michigan State from “it’s all about me” to “we are one.” He has demanded discipline, focus, performance and responsibility. His players now believe they can win and have learned to close a game and win, over and over again.

The Spartans take a bye this week and then face the seventh-seeded Penn State Nittany Lions en route to finishing their season. When Saturday began, Penn State was 9-0 and ranked No. 3. After being beaten by Iowa 24-23 in Iowa, Michigan State now has a chance to share the Big Ten title for the first time since 1990.

The Spartans’ conference record is 6-1, while Penn State and Ohio State are 5-1, leaving Michigan State a half-game up in the standings right now. Penn State takes on Indiana before their matchup with the Spartans. Ohio State faces Illinois and Michigan to close out its season.

Michigan State currently ranks 18th in the AP Top 25 poll. The Spartans have a lot to gain and nothing to lose against Penn State, as the 7th-ranked Nittany Lions will be the favorites in their territory. The Spartans aren’t expected to win, and if they do win, they would win at least a share of the Big Ten title.

Michigan State (9-2) isn’t wowing teams like Florida, Alabama and Texas Tech right now, but they’ll still win a much bigger bowl game this year, even if they lose to Penn State as expected. .

What’s been so interesting about Michigan State this year is that the Spartan defense has outperformed their stats. Among the 119 teams in Division 1-A, Michigan State ranks 75th in rushing defense, 59th in passing defense, and 37th in scoring defense. They rank 18th in the nation among all teams, but are not among the top 25 teams in any of these defensive categories.

When it came time to push against Purdue, the damned Spartan defense almost had a shutout. Their offense had 4 turnovers on Saturday, but the defense held their own.

Michigan State stopped Purdue on their first 15 possessions of the game, including a 14-yard catch on 4 and 5 at the Spartan 27-yard line, and a minus 1-yard stop on 4 and 1 at the Spartan 29-yard line. On their 16th possession, the Boilermakers finally put together a 16-play, 88-yard drive for their only touchdown with 42 seconds left in the game.

With just 19 seconds left in the first half and Michigan State leading 7-0, freshman defensive back Johnny Adams stepped in front of a pass from Justin Siller and returned the interception 40 yards to give the Spartans a 14-yard lead. 0 at halftime. Again, the defense not only held but scored to help the offense.

Here’s a fact that hasn’t been mentioned by sports reporters and analysts across the country: Of the teams with 9 or more wins, there are only 9 teams that have fewer losses than Michigan State after the 11th week of football play. academic.

They are Texas Tech (10-0), Texas (9-1), Alabama (10-0), Oklahoma (9-1), Penn State (9-1), Utah (10-0), Boise State (9 -0), Ball State (9-0) and Brigham Young (9-1). The Spartans are in pretty heady company by any standard of measure.

Can Michigan State beat Penn State? Penn State just lost to Iowa on the road, 24-23. Sure, JoPa (trainer Joe Paterno) is crazy to miss out on another national title. Michigan State hosted and beat Iowa 16-13. In college football, anything can and will happen.

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