Decorating your Christmas table can be as expensive or as cheap as you want. If you’re going to buy items to use on your table, be sure to set a budget. Even better, if you want to find deals, shop early or shop after Christmas for clearance sales.

1) For starters, unless you have a really beautiful table, you’re going to want to find a tablecloth. You can buy one already made to fit your table, or you can buy fabric and make your own. It really is quite simple.

Measure the length of your table and add the amount you want for overhang plus 1″ for seam allowance. Measure the width as well. Most fabrics come in widths from 32″ to 60″.

2) The next items you’ll want are dinnerware, cutlery (cutlery), and stemware.

Crockery: There are tons of options for Christmas dinnerware on the market. You can choose a holiday pattern like these from Lenox:

However, be careful if you choose to use a pattern that doesn’t make the table too crowded or gaudy. With patterned dinnerware, you can keep the tablecloth and napkins simple and minimize decorations. You can also choose a flat pattern in a color that matches your table.

Cutlery or cutlery: Cutlery will also be an important part of your table. Again, there are many options on the cutlery market.

Napkins and Napkin Rings: There is a great website called storybookwoods that teaches you how to turn napkins into recipes that your dinner guests can keep. Also, BHG on You Tube has great videos on how to fold napkins.

Look for a napkin folding guide that gives you step-by-step illustrated instructions for many different ways to fold napkins.

Cups: Cups come in as many shapes and sizes as you can imagine. Listed below are just a few of the thousands of options out there.

Something that intrigues me a lot is the use of recycled glass for the glasses. In a world where “Going Green” is a household word, using 100% recycled glass stemware makes sense.

Of course, using what you have is always an option. Just be sure to match your tablecloth, napkins, and decorations to your plates if they have a certain pattern or color. Today it is easy to find Christmas decorations in all colors.

3) Now for the fun part… adding decorations… Ribbon and bows are a beautiful way to add warmth, color and sparkle to your festive table. Bows are easy to make once you know how.

Bows can be added to the back of each of your chairs.

If you are using folding chairs, you can also add some fabric and cushions to the chairs to add comfort and beauty. This can also be done if you are using mismatched chairs at your table.

Or you can simply leave your chairs unmatched for a bit of country charm.

Jars of all shapes and sizes are beautiful when filled with your favorite Christmas decorations in colors that match your table.

Real pine centerpieces are beautiful to use for your Christmas dinner table.

Although real pine centerpieces are beautiful, there are a couple of words of caution:

  • Make sure your guests aren’t allergic to pine, as pine can have a strong odor, especially when heated.
  • Be sure to keep water in your centerpiece. There is floral foam in the center that absorbs water to keep each stem moist.
  • It’s a good idea, if you buy your real pine centerpieces early in the season, to try to keep them in a cool place at least part of the time.
  • The idea is that you have a fresh and beautiful decoration on your table the day of your dinner.

Candles are a great way to add warmth and glow to your table. Place candles in the mirrors for extra sparkle.

Add a metallic garland around the table or use the packaged metallic icicles to create even more sparkle.