Finishing the internal motor caused wear problems. Using new products will help ensure a longer trouble-free car life. These products are avoiding a dozen now avoidable and costly problems to repair the engine and transmission.

Are you having problems with your engine or transmission? New products come to your rescue.

What you should know.

When your car, truck, tractor, RV, and more was new, your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, and sensors were clean, gleaming, and a tight fit. That’s why they produced the most amazing rack, the most powerful performance, the best fuel economy and reliability.

Of course, all of that comes at a purchase cost of $ 20,000 and up, but it’s well worth it as it meets life’s transportation needs and along with it makes driving enjoyable for many years to come.

However, research shows that various conditions accelerate the deterioration of your new car’s engine and transmission, even when the required maintenance is performed. How is that, you ask?

What has been discovered is that even the best oils and fuels over time produce acids, sludge, electrolysis, and metal-to-metal friction. As oil and fuel break down, those enemies of your car cause more than a dozen performance and wear problems. Acids, friction, and debris crush, bind, and accelerate wear at a faster rate as your mileage crosses the 100,000-mile mark.

How new products work to end your car problems.

As you read, I’ll introduce products that effectively control, limit, or prevent damage from acids, sludge, electrolysis, and metal-to-metal friction. Chemically produce those conditions unduly and restore any performance problems they have caused.

New products do this in a number of ways. Neutralizing acids and electrolysis. Using a new form of cleaning power, by smoothing out wear, rough surfaces and adding a slick coating on worn surfaces.

Using these products will help you restore what you thought was lost to new performance, and put you on the path from slow wear to gain years of more reliable life with your newer and older cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. . This is possible through chemical removal and anti-wear ingredients. Now you have the power to finish and prevent internal negatives from coming out of a bottle! By the way …

If you check auto repair shops as you pass them, you will see one or two late model car and truck models being serviced by review after the wear and tear run their course. Those cars can suffer from an engine valve tap, stuck valve adjuster, oil burn, sludge build-up, loss of power, coolant leak, gasket or seal oil leak, rough idle, rough shifting, and trouble. similar, causing a lot of money to the car owner. to end. Problems that cause friction, residue or acid problems, if not stopped.

If those problems happen to your car, it is usually right after your car has passed the warranty period. After the warranty period, it is your concern and expense to fix it.

Don’t synthetic oils help?

Now, you would think that the oils specified for your engine and transmission have protection to prevent acid pitting and metal-to-metal friction. Not at all! Acids and friction still corrode and wear away the once-new, shiny, smooth piston, bearing, valve, and gear surfaces that your engine once had. Instead, they can be contributors. A consumer reports magazine reports that no oil has met the specifications the oil company claims to follow in several years of motor oil quality testing.

Here is another factor to consider. As high temperatures, up to 1800 degrees, burn oil and fuel, acids and residues develop. Even synthetic oils produce tar-like residues. These build up on the tight gear surfaces and engine parts of your engine and transmission and reduce power output, harsh shifting and other problems mentioned above.

Such resistance puts additional forces at work increasing the breakdown of the oil lubricant film, causing metal-to-metal contact and rapid frictional wear patterns. Your engine and transmission can’t handle those negatives, nor is it in the oil’s ability to help end such damaging patterns.

Mechanics charge you up to $ 1,500 to disassemble, manually inspect, and clean your engine and transmission, and bill you $ 400 or more to replace damaged parts.

New wear-and-tear products caused trouble to the rescue.

These newer products, like those from Mega Power, have ingredients that include chemical anti-wear cleaners that do not have the typical characteristics of engine-damaging solvent additive cleaners typically found in auto parts store products.

Mega Power engine and transmission treatments include chemical anti-wear cleaners, conditioners, lubrication enhancers, and worn surface coating protectors. They come as a 6-pack treatment. Just add Mega Power to your fuel and oil and drive for its protection and troubleshooting benefits.

Follow the links below to learn more about these new troubleshooting products. The link lists tips and products for the problem your car is having. Every suggested product ends up with the negatives of acid, friction, and debris that cause power, performance, or operational issues. Doing so helps you gain years of living by driving a smooth and more enjoyable car.

These products are for mechanics, but they are also DIY products. They are easy to install by any non-mechanical person who can easily enjoy the professional results! You will be amazed to see that you can almost instantly restore your car’s near original performance, even with a serious engine or transmission problem. By doing so, you avoid a much more expensive blow to your already hammered budget.