Silver Earrings

In September, Vanessa de Jaegher launched her own brand of fine jewelry. With this collection, she sublimates the heart symbol in silver to create unique earrings. In her eponymous line, Vanessa de Jaegher reconciles luxury with rock. A pair of these silver stud earrings will be a must-have accessory for any woman. They will make a statement on their own or layered with other designs.

The Vanessa Tribal Silver Earrings are designed by French designer Anne De Jaegher. She specializes in creating precious and magical jewels that merge ethnicity and magic. These pieces are made from gold and silver and feature beautiful designs and motifs. These beautiful stud earrings can be worn with anything and look great with every outfit! They will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. You will be the center of attention wearing these stunning earrings!

The Vanessa Tribal Silver Earrings have a sophisticated, exotic look that will stand out in a crowd. A pair of these stud earrings is a fabulous way to make a statement. The delicate dangling earrings are perfect for night outs, as they are perfect for any party or event. And because they are so unique, they will be the talk of the party. Your friends and colleagues will be amazed at how beautiful and elegant these studs are!

Vanessa Tribal Silver Earrings

Designed by French designer Anne De Jaegher, the Vanessa Tribal Silver Earrings combine ethnicity and magic. They are made of gold and silver, and are accented with sparkling diamonds. You will be the center of attention when you wear these earrings. You’ll be the center of attention, no matter where you go. You’ll surely love these beautiful stud earrings. They’re the perfect complement to any outfit.

The Vanessa Tribal Silver Earrings are handmade by a French designer, Vanessa De Jaegher. These beautiful pieces are made of pure gold and silver. These studs are made of precious metals, and are very lightweight. They can be worn with jeans or with your favorite evening gown. The dangling silver earring is also suitable for everyday use. The Parisian designer is known for her unique style of combining magic and ethnicity, and her jewelry is a true testament to her talent.

The Vanessa Tribal Silver Earrings are made from gold. Their size is adjustable and are made to resemble the face of an African tribe. Its design has a modern twist on traditional Indian jewellery. The dangles are adorned with the same enchanting stones as their namesakes. They are a beautiful and affordable addition to any outfit. You’ll be the envy of everyone you meet.