If you need treatment for head lice, don’t worry. Not to worry though, there are literally millions of people who get infected with these parasites every year and luckily we have ways to get rid of the bugs easily.

These insects are probably one of the safest parasites that can infest a person. Yes, they are annoying pests that cause itchy heads and can irritate the scalp. However, that is all the trouble they cause us. Unlike mosquitoes, they are not considered a health hazard. Of course, the ease with which they can be transferred from person to person is an issue.

At first glance, the number of different treatment options can seem a bit intimidating. However, the fact is that they can all be grouped into one of four main categories. All treatment plans will fit into an insecticide-based program, an essential oil or natural solution, a mechanical solution, or a home remedy/folk medicine solution.

The vast majority of home remedies, do-it-yourself methods are designed with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčsmothering the bugs and loosening the eggs from the hair follicle. Whether you choose one food product or another, the principle remains the same.

So here’s a breakdown of the four basic types of head lice treatment options.

1. Poison-based shampoos for insects or insecticides. Whether you get them from the doctor, locally, or from the internet, they all kill using a poison. These products do a good job if you don’t mind using poison in your children’s hair. Don’t forget that all the scratching and itching has probably caused open sores on their heads, which is a good way for shampoo to get on their bodies.

2. All mechanical means of removing parasites and eggs involve careful combing from the hair follicle to the tip of the hair. It’s quite a task on someone with long hair. Still, it’s an effective method of getting rid of bugs as long as you don’t miss a single nit.

3.Essential Oils. These products use a variety of essential oils to disinfect and kill insects. These work well and are much safer than insecticide-based shampoos. Scratching and itching caused by sores and insects are also treated by providing relief to the person with the infection.

4. Use a home remedy option. These are the methods of food products to treat head lice. Pediculosis is the dollar word for an infestation of lice.

In any case, home remedies advise putting mayonnaise, peanut butter, grease, etc. etc. on the infected head, leaving it on for 8-10 hours, then try to clean up the mess only to repeat if necessary. In general, even if they work, they are usually so difficult to use successfully, these home cures are a poor head lice treatment strategy at best.

Deciding on the best lice treatment option depends on your comfort level with the use of insecticide-based products. Consider that only one category of products, essential oil products, have the best chance of getting rid of the problem without using poisons. In general, a good choice.