Iron wall sconces have been around for thousands of years. They date back to medieval times, when these wall sconces were used to illuminate the halls of castles. Today these charming pieces of decorative art are used to add a feeling of warmth and tranquility to the room whose walls they are adorned.

In order to install this type of candles, you must first know the circumstances of the room in which they are going to hang. Since this form of interior wall lighting will be using candles for lighting, you should examine the room to ensure that these wall candles are not placed on the walls near anything that could catch fire while the candles are burning, such as surrounding art. , curtains, coat racks and everything that can catch fire.

Please note that candles melt and melted wax can stain walls and floors. To prevent this, you may want to have some type of glass cover around the candle. Glass covers are available in clear frosted or in the colors of your choice.

Another good idea is to determine how high up on the walls you want to put these brackets. If children are a part of your household, you may want to place these stands out of children’s reach.

After you know whether or not you want a glass to cover your candle and exactly how tall you want the brackets to be on the walls, the next thing to do is measure each wall for placement. Depending on how many you want to place on each wall, with a tape measure, measure at what height on the wall you want to place them. I suggest you measure from the floor to the wall and mark the wall at the proper height with a pencil. Advance approximately 12 inches from the first mark on the wall and repeat this procedure. You now have 2 pencil marks on the wall at the same height about 12 inches apart.

Next, measure the width of the wall at the same height you placed the 2 height pencil marks above, and write the width measurement on a piece of paper. Depending on how many of these holders you want to hang, divide the width of the wall by the number of wall candles you want to hang. Once you know how far apart each bracket will be, use a tape measure and mark the wall with a pencil at each spot the bracket will hang.

If you are placing iron wall candle holders along the sides of wall art or a wall mirror, then what you need to do is measure how far from the left and right side of the artwork you want to place each candle holder. Using your tape measure, go to the left and right side of the wall art (or wall mirror) and measure from the edge of the art out on both sides. Make sure the outside measurements on both sides are identical. Repeat this step again on both sides, only this time go about 8 inches above or below your first marks on both sides of your wall art (or wall mirror).

Now using the 2 pencil points you have on both sides of your wall art, line up your tape measure from the floor to the wall using the 2 pencil points as a guide for a straight line and mark with a pencil point on the wall exactly how high you want to hang your candle holder. Repeat this procedure on the other side of the wall art and you will have identical spacing for your brackets on both sides of the wall art (or wall mirror).

Iron wall sconces are not lightweight. To hang these brackets securely, you must use what is known as a wall anchor. Remember, never attempt to hang an iron wall sconce with a screw directly into drywall or plastered walls. It just won’t hold the weight.

Wall anchors are small devices that are attached to the wall in exactly the same place that a screw would go to hold these types of wall candles. By using a wall anchor, you will be able to fasten heavy objects, such as heavy metal sconces, securely to the wall without having to worry about the fixture coming loose from the wall and eventually falling off the wall.

Wall anchors come in different styles and sizes to accommodate different size screws that will be screwed in after the anchor is attached to the wall. My favorite wall anchor for hanging wall mounted sconces looks like a short, stubby plastic screw with a screw hole in the center.

This anchor is easy to install. All you have to do is drill a small hole (about half the diameter of the anchor) where you want to put the screw to hold the candle to the wall. After you have drilled the small hole, all you have to do is screw the anchor into the small hole you just drilled until it is flush with the wall. Repeat this procedure for all the screws needed to mount your iron wall candle holder. When you have inserted all the necessary anchors to mount your wall sconce to the wall, simply hold the wall sconce in position over the anchors and proceed to screw your bracket to the wall. It’s as simple as that and rest assured that your candle sconce is securely on the wall.

Iron wall sconces are works of art that come in many different shapes and sizes. They add comfort to the overall feel of any room in which they are placed on the wall. With a little effort, you can add them to multiple rooms in your home and enjoy a simple yet pleasing touch of art passed down through the centuries.