You can sell a property quickly and avoid repossession by taking certain steps. Most buyers don’t want a home that needs maintenance and repair. So try to improve the condition of the house. Securing a quick property sale is much easier after doing some home improvements. The installation of double glazing or the acquisition of a new fitted kitchen is highly desirable for any potential buyer. However, it’s best to keep the price low and avoid home improvements in a down market, as buyers are more price sensitive. Find out what your home is worth from a real estate agent and what other homes are selling for in your area. Ask the real estate agent what prices your house can sell for quickly. Holding on to a property for a fixed price is not a good strategy in a down market. Properties selling for up to £175,000 are free of stamp duty. If a property’s sale is slightly above this limit, lower the price to bring it within this mark. Using a real estate agent will cost 2% of the sale price. A sale and rent back company can reduce costs substantially. Transferring these savings helps make a home price more competitive for a quick property sale. A smelly or dangerous family pet can put off potential buyers. Buyers are searching for their dream home. Selling a property quickly is much less likely if that house resembles a laundromat.

You can avoid repossession by arranging a sale and rent to a cash buyer of the property. This can help someone avoid recovery and stay in the same house. While selling a property quickly is more difficult in a falling market, there are still buyers. Follow the tips above and set competitive prices to ensure a quick home sale. If you are struggling with the recovery, consider selling and renting as you can stop the recovery in its tracks.

The sale and subsequent rental process is very easy. An appraiser will visit your home and provide an appraisal for the cash buyer of the property. The cash buyer of the property will make an offer to the seller based on the valuation. A rental package will also normally be agreed at this stage based on affordability. If you are accepted, a lawyer will take care of all the paperwork and finalize everything. Once the paperwork is complete, an exchange date will be arranged. The seller has to sign the lease if he wants to stay in the house as a tenant after the sale.