I hope you’ve read my first article on getting started, because without a clean, well-written site you might have a hard time getting search engine results.

Now that you have your site up and running, you have chosen your keywords and you want to start seeing results, my first suggestion for you to monitor your results is to sign up for Google Analytics, also use Google webmaster tools, you will need to create a sitemap xml. This way you can see how many visitors you’re getting, where they’re coming from, and with webmaster tools you can also see which keywords are performing well. With this information, you’ll know which key phrases will need additional work.

OK so now you can monitor your results now I’m going to tell you to sign up for yahoo answers create a profile have a link to your site then start looking for questions in your experience answer questions clearly trying to be as helpful how can you. You’ll find that some people will start to recognize it as very helpful, plus if you answer enough questions (you get 250 points), every link you add in your answer will go live, allowing you to have links back to your site, try to answer a few questions without a backlink, don’t abuse links, try to make it link to a relevant part of your site if it helps the person asking the question. Keeping your answers well written will help your answer get voted as the best answer, once this has happened your answer will be the only one visible initially. YouTube is also a good way, if you can have video clips of your products or a service you have provided, create a YouTube account, post this on YouTube, write some comments and have a link back to your site.

Now I’d say open a blog, I use eblogger, use this to brag about the work you’ve done, chat about work related stuff, post pictures, add your YouTube clips, occasionally have a link to your site or a relevant page on your site, don’t forget to try to mention your key phrases in your text (again, DO NOT SPAM). Then create some articles, write articles about what you know, try to offer advice, be as informative as possible, for example, I build websites, so I provide information on web design and how to get the most out of your website. I use ezine to upload my articles.

If you sell products get a google merchant account this will allow you to integrate your products with google products google also provides graphs on how many times each product has been viewed and how many clicks a great way to up some sales and see how well each product is doing. Also, if you’re selling products, try adding Facebook “Like” buttons on each product, because every time someone “likes” your product, the product with a link will show up on the Facebook usage profile, again , another link back.

I also highly suggest you sign up for Twitter and create a Facebook page, not only can you add back links here, these are great ways to build a fan base, allow people to follow you however they prefer, that So every time you write an article, add new pages to your site, offer a new service, or even have some new information you’d like to share, post a message on your social media sites, your followers and fans will see the update, if they like it. “like” your message, it will be posted on the wall for your friends to see too. Add a link from your social media sites to your website, search engines like to see this too so it will help your search engine optimization as well.

Lastly, keep your site up to date, add new pages, information, update your content, monitor your keywords as mentioned above using webmaster tools, and then make any necessary adjustments to your content to help improve a few keywords, every time. to do so, please resubmit your sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools. Search engines like to see an active site and will crawl your site more often and also give you some points over sites that have been the same for weeks.

All of these above points will help you get good results on search engines, some keywords probably won’t need as much work, it all depends on the keyword phrases you want to use, the more specific the easier it will be, but the less it will be. searched, researching your keywords is very important to help you know which one to use.

try to have a daily pattern i.e. update the website, answer a question, post a clip on YouTube, write a blog, write an article, try not to spend too much time each day, the amount of time depends on your keywords and the competition that’s out there if you spend as much time as you can without it affecting your workload you can at least monitor how well you’re doing after a couple of months then you should be able to figure out how much time each day you’d spend you need to spend for Start seeing results from the first page.

Ok I hope you found this useful, please let me know if you have any questions and I wish you all the best with your website. More articles to follow soon.