Good girl gone bad blonde, suggestive caramel and provocative browns, yes, we love painting ourselves, it makes us feel sexy, renewed and capable of conquering the world. However, are you doing your color justice, or are you just having it for the sake of it? Make an impact! This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do purple or bright red, I’m talking about color mixing and technique,

What I love about brunettes right now

Yeah brunettes some of my clients come in and get an all over color to cover their “Natural Nordic Blonde Highlights” come with your wisdom and maybe add a little bit of a golden undertone or a reddish undertone to their medium brown it can be nice , but I’m sure it’s easy to get bored just changing a hue here or a hue there. Suggestion: A medium natural brown base with darker warm lowlights and lighter caramel highlights. Natural hair is not a solid color, it has a variety of highs and lows mixed with warmer and cooler tones, taking a medium brown and adding espresso and caramel highs gives you some suggestive caramel.

What should blondes long for? When bad things happen to good blondes: If it goes too solid and too light, this look can age and tend to wash out the color of the face. It happens with highlights sometimes when we do them over and over or with a full blonde color, it eventually goes blonde and solid, Suggestion: Keep some of the light pieces mainly around your face, do a low light blonde, depending on how dark you are naturally (what are your roots) do a shade lighter than your natural color, and in between all the foils do a toner to the rest of the hair, a light buttercream toner works wonderfully. Again, when you mix a bit of warmth with your cool tones, it gives you more contrast, depth, and amazing tones that flash in the wind, giving your hair a bit of good blonde gone bad!

Red, red, does it really come out of your head?

I love seeing naturally red hair. The mix of reds, golds and coppers can be stunning, and redheads themselves can be very stubborn about colour, I’m a natural carrot and for some reason it’s special to say “yes, this is my natural colour”. so auburn girls tend to miss out on the fun of coloring just so we can be honest when we say “yes, it’s natural.” The reality is that as we get older, having babies (this goes for all hair colors) the color darkens. , and we lose the vitality we once had. Suggestion: I have had a lot of success with rinses, if a conditioning color polish that gives redheads back the vibrancy they had as children, without looking fake, or like a light bulb, they fade in 6-8 weeks as there are different shades in the hair and if your reading head doesn’t want to lighten, this is just what you need to bring back the richness of your natural color. If it’s lighter you want, you can try some light gold highlights woven into your auburn mane, make it look like the sun did it! When people ask you, say “yes, I’m a natural redhead.” No one needs to know what shade exactly. Give the world a glimpse of provocative copper!